Visiting Rosa Lee
Jayne's Birthday in Mystic - 2000
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For all you family members, please be aware that I have many missing people and need to make more space, feel free to email me with additions,corrections, etc....and my appologies to any not shown.  You can even EDIT THE TREE YOURSELF if you can fill in any blanks or make corrections.
to EDIT the family tree file, you must have or download
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I'll try and keep it as up to date as my information, so lemme know!
Ryan & Jennifer's Wedding Photos 

geoff's prom pictures are 

josh selvin's bris pictures are 

great niece, niece-2, sista, mum, niece-1, niece-2's hubby
Samantha, Amy, Hedda, Seraphina, Allison & Greg
in Dahlonega, GA - 2001
My Sweet Thang, Jayne!

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MARC & GINI and the Wallaces can be found HERE


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